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For over ten years we have been evaluating and selecting the best vocational software tools - so that you can help your clients more effectively.

VERTEK, Inc. Now owned by SkillTRAN, LLC 
Makers of
OASYS - the premier tool for transferable skills analysis
OASYS Job Match - allows you to match seekers to employers
OccuBrowse+ - the best occupational information tool you will find
OccuBrowse - the best occupational information at the best price

We are VRI's regional representatives in MN, MO, IA, NE and KS - see their web site at www.vri.org


Makers of
CareerScope® v10
CareerScope® Online
Consumer-Directed Training

Why do these companies have regional representatives?  They realize the importance of local service and support.  You are welcome to contact them directly and they will send you literature and answer questions (and their web sites go into more product detail than this one).  But, their volume of inquiries can make it prohibitive for them to give you individualized service.  They will usually refer you back to us for in-depth analysis of your needs, price information, references, sample evaluations, on-site demonstrations and, of course, training.