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Do you remember a time in your life when you had no idea what you wanted to do?  Or what you could do?   Do you work with clients or students who are facing the same "challenging growth opportunity"? 
Valid, objective career assessment can provide the foundation for better work and education goals, as well as motivation and likelihood of success in achieving those goals.

Transferable Skills Analysis

  • OASYS  and OASYS Online - is the premier transferable skills analysis and job matching software for times of transition. The OASYS Counselor Workstation enables a user (usually a counselor or case manager) to enter job seeker information, create a work history which automatically generates skills and abilities, adjust a profile (Math Reasoning Language, Aptitudes, Physical Capabilities, etc.) and search against the DOT, the employer database, America’s Job Bank, or, with Job Match, the job bank database. They can also perform an occupational goal comparison. The Counselor Workstation includes one Browse Workstation (Enhanced Job Analyzer). The Job Developer Workstation (included in full OASYS Job Match only) enables a job developer to enter and maintain employer files, job orders, adjust job demand requirements (job analysis profile) and search on behalf of employer against the job seeker database to find appropriate candidates. OASYS Job Match system capabilities include reports for tracking referrals, interviews, hires, job orders, employers by job developer, open as well as closed positions and automatic adjustment of openings as they are filled.

Click here to download a narrated PowerPoint tour of the OASYS Browser.