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Once you know what you want to do - where are the jobs?  What do they pay?  What schools offer related training? What are the requirements?  Is this a growing field?  Do any local job listings exist on the internet?  Who are the local employers most likely to hire?

Occupational Exploration * Labor Market Information * Local Training Programs * Employers Most Likely To Hire

  • OccuBrowse+ (see link to narrated training PowerPoint at bottom of this page) is also the occupation Browser in OASYS - both  from VERTEK - both are very easy to use and provide a wealth of occupational information - over 12,700 occupation job descriptions, outlook data (includes OOH), wage data, schools that offer related training in any state, connection to web crawlers for finding online job openings, and the ability to list local employers most likely to hire for unique occupations. The Trait Search is an invaluable tool for vocational evaluators - ask, for instance, how many unskilled occupations require only sedentary strength and a less-than fourth grade reading level. The optional employer records are an additional cost and can be ordered by county, zip code areas, SIC codes, etc.. Great companion tool to CareerScope.  OccuBrowse+ will automatically link to CareerScope vocational recommendations - just enter the CareerScope evaluee's name or ID# in OccuBrowse+.  Click here to see a step-by-step description of how CareerScope and OccuBrowse+ link . . . and what information you instantly get. 

  • OccuBrowse  A comprehensive and easy-to-use software tool for accessing occupational information. Facilitates quick access to occupational and employment data in an easy-to-understand format. It contains many of the features found in OccuBrowse+, but with a lower price tag. The OccuBrowse database includes the DOT occupations, worker trait descriptors and their ratings, along with O*NET descriptors and their ratings, Trait Search capability, as well as direct access to the Occupational Outlook Handbook and Online Job Openings.

Please fill out the form below to request more information about an OccuBrowse system or contact your local sales and training rep at www.vertekinc.com.

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