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Once they know what they want to do and where - how do they plan their learning, or get the job, or start the business?  And just as important, how do they keep the job and move up?  The following computer-based training products address job seeking, job keeping, job skills training, and interpersonal skills training - using a delivery platform that is both efficient and effective.

Letting the computer deliver career readiness assessment and training content not only standardizes the training, but frees up staff to help clients put the knowledge to use.  Research shows other benefits:

  • The learning curve to comprehend and master information is 60 percent faster for students.
  • Content retention is 25-60 percent greater.
  • Learning gains are 50 percent greater. The amount of new information learned in comparison to standard classroom instruction.
  • Consistency is 50-60 percent better. Ensures key messages are given in the same manner and with correct emphasis. .
  • Training compression is up to 70 percent better. Less time is needed to teach similar content. This is due to better application of instructional design which compresses learning.
  • Delivery variance is a non issue with technology based training. Instructional design remains constant unlike instructor-led training which can change from day to day depending on the instructor.

  • Return on Investment is higher and more easily trackable.

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