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Meeting Assessment Requirements for In-School, Out-of-School and Summer Youth Programs

CareerScope for Effective Transition Implementation
CareerScope, from the Vocational Research Institute, is based on extensive U.S. Department of Labor research on learning and job performance, as well as US DOL product development contracts dating back to the early 1980's.  In short, it is the perfect career assessment tool for Summer Youth Employment Programs. 
CareerScope software allows computers do the objective assessment and data analysis – and lets your staff focus on data-driven career guidance, and helping clients take their next step.  The CareerScope assessment is written at a fourth-grade reading level, is student or client self-administered, takes one hour (self-timed - interest & aptitude assessments can be split into shorter sessions), and immediately generates both a counselor and client/student version of the report.  Separate norms for youth and adult.  Most important for Summer Youth Programs; the reports can be generated as either specific in-demand job titles list as a Career Ladder by skill demand, general O*NET occupations, or the US Department of Education's new Career Clusters, Pathways and Specialties model.     Click here to learn more about CareerScope and other assessment tools at The Work Suite.

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